At the core of the alwaysAI platform is the edgeIQ Python package (edgeiq). This library enables developers to create edge applications using computer vision through simple APIs. These applications are then deployed onto target devices via the alwaysAI CLI.

Installing edgeIQ

For edge devices, the edgeIQ package and environment is packaged in the edgeIQ Docker image available from Docker Hub. Configuring your app using the CLI will generate the Dockerfile to pin the edgeIQ version for your app. Here are the contents of an example Dockerfile:

FROM alwaysai/edgeiq:0.6.0

You can add additional steps to your Dockerfile if your app has system dependencies that are not provided in the base edgeIQ Docker image. Additional Python dependencies can be added in a requirements.txt file, and will be installed during the deploy CLI command.

The edgeIQ package can also be installed locally to enable autocomplete and static analysis:

$ pip3 install edgeiq

Using edgeIQ in Your App

To use the edgeIQ API in your Python app, import the edgeIQ package into your application file. For example, in your file add:

import edgeiq